Are you fond of tourism? You need to know about the beautiful sites of the world. It is becomes very easy to travel due to the numerous facilities.

Three Rondavels’ View

Please your eyes by the striking views in Ronadavels View, Accra. This is on one of the major cities in the country. This 21st century city stretches back to the beautiful time of history. This is one of the popular sites in the world that gives variety of scenic beauty to nature lovers. You will enjoy panoramic views of the entire area and various sites across the Bylde River Canyon. On the Panorama Route, both geological wonders are great. This is highly famous spot and tourist drive to follow when you are going to explore the province. These sites offer a variety of views that depends on your choice to drive along the 16km of the Blyde River Canyon, the Three Ronadavels either ends or starts your journey.

About Three Rondavels

It is exactly as the name Three Rondavels are 3 round mountain peaks with slightly pointed peaks, highly similar to the traditional oval or round African homesteads formed with local resources called Rondavels. These are like 3 sisters. All three sites are Maeroto, Mogoladikwe and Magabolle.

Bourke’s Luck Potholes

This is one of the most beautiful sites without doubt major icon. It is famous in South Africa. You will like of the Three Rondawels and several magnificent waterfalls. All these things are highly wonderful to increase your love towards nature. Visit this site as party every day. This spot is considered to the most attractive sites of the country. You will have great fun. You will find several hotels to stay. If you are a tourist here then it will be a memorable experience for you. You will love in forming bonds so as to enjoy your vacation in the utter blast.

The Blyde River Canyon

This is another site that is highly attractive for the nature lover. It extends along the Blyde River Canyone’s winding path. This is extremely exotic to enjoy bars and clubs in this area.

God’s Window

Just look down and you will come to know why it is called a God’s Window. With beautiful waterfalls, rock formations, canyons and magnificent views, this is great.

Why to pass every beautiful day of your life without visiting it. This is highly beautiful site.