If you are going on a vacation with your family which includes your spouse and children then getting a country house would be a great option. People are mostly fascinated about the country house hotels in Salento. It is because they are beautiful and provide you a wonderful experience.

No one wants to stay disturbed during the vacations or stayat a place which is not suitable for them. The country house hotel in Salento are worth staying. You will be ableto find some of the great options which will help you book at your convenience.

Check out the options for Country House Hotel in Salento below.

Amazing Country House Hotel in Salento

Villa Ivana

Villa Ivana is a perfect holiday house for you to stay with your loved ones. There are canoe, quiet areas and the best part is that you get the free Wi-Fi access. The house is fully furnished before you go there so you do not have to bring anything with you other than your personal belongings. It offers a beautiful sea view from the balcony of the house.

The kitchen is open to the living room with all the kitchenette items and sofa for comfort. There are two large bedrooms with the attached bathrooms along with washing machine. You can watch TV or use Wi-Fi for free at any time you wish to.

The garden has chairs and table for you to enjoy your day with the outdoor food planning. The entrance of the house is through the garden which is filled with fresh flowers and perfect gardening. Then you can reach the terrace part with entering inside the house. You can check on the national park, Amalfi Coast and much more around the house for pleasure and fun.

Casale Solearancio

A great place to stay when you are in Salento, Italy. It is known as one of the best places to stay with your children and family members. You can enjoy the entire week with the stay at country house hotel in Salento.

There are new adventures to explore every day such as sea caves, beaches, heritage sites, rivers and much ore. You can also visit the nearby villages to take memorable pictures there. Drive up to 20 minutes with reaching to the olive gardens which has a beauty of its own.

There are playgrounds and forest behind the house for the children to enjoy their daytime activities. The house is fully furnished with all the dishes. You have to cook the food by yourself but all the kitchenette is there. The hosts of the house live down the street for any help if needed so you do not have to worry about the stay there.


Working the entire year requires you to have a peaceful and relaxing time with the family. It is better to go to a new place where you do not know anyone so you can enjoy to the fullest. Take out time to read about the amazing country house hotel in Salento and plan a trip there this year. You will love it for sure because treating yourself once in a while is a great idea.