Top 10 tourist travel destinations in summer

Tourists love to Travel around the world, but several locations cannot be visited due to their warm atmosphere at some time of the year. And, that’s not a good idea if you are looking for vacations just to escape from the hot

season in your country. There are several locations around the world, but there are few who can make your visit to that particular location memorable and exciting.

Here are top 10 destinations where tourists love to stay in their summer:


Dubai is one of the most impressivesites in the world with interesting locations and party culture. The atmosphere of Dubai is hot, but it is still one of the best places where a person can spend his/her entire summer vacations. There may be warm atmosphere out there, but there are many inside destinations where you can enjoy along with your family. So, don’t forget to visit thebeach, aquarium land and other locations in Dubai.


Paris is known as the city of light and scents. Due to bright lighting in the city, it is known for its beauty as well as scent. There are several locations where you can spend your time along with your partner during summer in Paris.

Rio De Janeiro:

Brazil is known for its crowd, especially Rio De Janeiro. The city is famous for its street culture. You will see plenty of vendors, street musicians, artists and exciting stuff in streets. Football is the most famous game in this country.


If experiencing beautiful sights and exploring are part of your passion, then Vancouver is one of the ultimate places that you can consider for your summer trip. Travel to Vancouver to see mountains, acoastal city and much more.


Do you love adventure? If yes, then try Auckland. This city of New Zealand is full of gorgeous beaches, mountains, and coral reefs. You can enjoy volcano sightings, snorkeling and much more in Auckland.


For those who are looking for a modern adventure and entertainment, Singapore is the ultimate place for them. They will experience almost every kind of adventurous thing in this gorgeous city.

Colombo is a fascinating place for those who love landscapes and nature. If you want to see the magnificence of nature from near, then do visit Colombo.


Thailand is world famed for its nightlife and gorgeous locations. If you are a true nature lover and appreciate government’s work on tourist points, then you must see this city once in your life.



Visiting Maldives Islands is a dream of every tourist as the beauty of nature defines this location. One can spend all of his/her summer holidays here.


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. It is also a dream destination for tourists in summer. You will love street food, nights in resorts and also the rich culture of the city.


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